HomeCapital Partners

Financial Institutions: Collaborating to Accelerate Home Ownership in India

HomeCapital partners with financial institutions to bring interest free down payment assistance to first time home buyers which enables accelerated home ownership and brings future demand to the present. By partnering with us you get access to a premium salaried customer base allowing for quality growth of retail loan portfolio.

We are a technology company pioneering India's first down payment assistance program that brings together first time home buyers, real estate developers and financial institutions over a secure interactive platform to build a scalable model at low operating costs. For offering this down payment assistance, HomeCapital earns fees through multiple sources which helps cover cost of providing down payment assistance and other operating costs.

Participation in HomeCapital Down Payment Assistance Program can help you:

  • Extend credit to customers that meet your own credit policy and risk assessment parameters
  • Expand your presence to the growing salaried class population of India

We bring together players operating along the residential property value chain to create value for the customer which in turn generates return for the partnership as a whole.

Our proprietary credit algorithms identifies and matches creditworthy buyers with respective financial institution's requirements. The funds are channelled through our platform to such customers for pre-agreed end use which reduces the risk for the entire system. Our simple and secure platform allows the process to be replicated across regions at a rapid scale.

We work with banks, NBFCs and other fintech players to create a wide coverage for the program. Contact us to explore how we can work together.

Benefits for financial institutions

  • Access to high quality consumer credit asset class
  • Create portfolio based on your credit parameters and risk parameters
  • Pre-defined end use for unsecured credit mitigates funds misuse risk
  • Generate above average yields from the consumer credit with reduced risk
  • Lower business development costs resulting in higher interest spreads
  • Capitalize on a ready customer base with multiple product offerings

Contact us to learn more about our programs: wecare@homecapital.in