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2. Home Buyer's Guide
Real Estate or Home Buying is one of the most important milestones for every individuals' life. At HomeCapital, we believe Home is the real capital of people and grows across generations. Buying your first home early has a compounding wealth effect on individuals, happier lives and increased social security for home buyers. Home Buyer's Education Series is a complete guide for First-time Homebuyers in India. If you are at that stage in your life when you are ready to or are planning to buy your first home, this series will provide the required insights and help you make a well-informed discussion. HomeCapital was started with a very simple idea: Give everyone the opportunity to buy a home at an early stage in life. We've pioneered India's first Down Payment Assistance Program. The program provides interest-free down payment assistance to millions of buyers to fulfil their homeownership dream.  We reduce the waiting time for homebuyers to accumulate savings for the down payment. Financial Institutions have partnered with HomeCapital to offer unsecured interest-free credit to homebuyers in the program. HomeBuyers apply and receive Interest-free Down Payment Assistance on the projects listed in the Program. HomeCapital regularly includes residential projects in the program to expand the available offerings to the millions of prospective home buyers. Every property goes through systematic due diligence and independent research with publicly available information to minimise the risks inherent in the real estate sector Welcome to the future of home buying and we hope that Home Buyer's Education Series provides all the required information that you seeking. We bring you Down Payment Assistance, Transparency and Accelerated Home Ownership.

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