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Deal closure

Before home deal closure, completing your legal due diligence is essential. We have complied a checklist of steps necessary to complete your due diligence. The post Deal Closure appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

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Successfully negotiating a deal

To successfully negotiate a home deal, thorough knowledge of the market is required. This guide explains how you can successfully negotiate with the developer. The post Successfully Negotiating a Deal appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

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Selecting the right home

Once you decide upon your home budget, selecting the right property can prove to be a herculean task.In order to get a property of your choice in your preferred location and meet your budget requirenments, it is important to gather as much information as you can. It is necessary that you make a decision.

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Explore the various facets of homeownership and get homebuying insights through our series of simple informative videos.

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HomeCapital homeownership series: Home purchasing process E8 - Part 3 | Agreement for Sale

The sale agreement is an important document. We discuss the various components and clauses of the sale agreement, and we also explain that why is it essential for you as a homebuyer to understand each clause clearly. For more home buying resources, please visit our website

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Home purchasing process E8 - Part 2 | Successfully negotiating the deal

In this episode we discuss the various approaches to successfully negotiating a deal by adopting a realistic approach. We also discuss the aspects that you can negotiate on while you are looking to become a first time home buyer. For more home buying resources, please visit our website

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HomeCapital homeownership series: Home purchasing process E8 - Part 1 | Offer to purchase

In this episode we discuss each step prior to the offer to purchase to the developer. We also discuss how can you as a homebuyer can successfully place your offer to purchase with your shortlisted developers. * For more home buying resources, please visit our website

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