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This calculator helps you with the maximum eligible amount towards interest free down payment assistance under the HomeCapital Program. Please note that the interest free down payment assistance cannot exceed your contribution (i.e. 50% of the total down payment requirements). Kindly fill the basic details below to know your eligible amount.

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Eligibility amount and final approval would be subject to verification of your income and KYC Documents. Click on “Apply Now” to complete the Application process.

Note: Results are based on what you entered and should be used as a guide only. Lender rates and products may change. We cannot recommend a product until we have double checked that the home loan is suitable for you.

Home Financial Planning

The table below illustrates the break-up of the final price of your house and sources of funds to help you plan your finances better.

Cost of Home

Home Price 54,00,000
Stamp Duty and Registration 2,70,000
GST 2,70,000
Total Home Price 59,40,000

Payment Structure

Down Payment Savings(5%) 2,76,750
HomeCapital Assistance(5%) 2,76,750
Home Loan(76%) 45,36,000
Payment at Possession(14%) 8,50,500
Total Payments 59,40,000

Note: Stamp Duty and other charges are indicative only. Please reconfirm the exact charges with the developer at the time of booking. Actual home loan amount is subject to approval of lending bank.

Initial Contribution Amount Workings

Please find below the indicative break-up of down payment requirements for your selected home. HomeCapital will arrange interest free loan for 12 months for an amount of up to 50% of the initial down payment requirements.

Initial Contribution Amount

Offering booking amount  2,57,728
GST  25,773
Stamp Duty amount  2,70,000
Total Down Payment Required 5,53,500

Fund Source

Homebuyer Savings 2,76,750
HomeCapital Assistance 2,76,750
Total Payments 5,53,500

Note: Stamp Duty and GST charges are indicative only. Please reconfirm the exact charges with the developer at the time of booking. Down payment assistance is subject to you paying your contribution (minimum 50% of the down payment requirements).

Repayment Schedule

The table below illustrates the monthly payment schedule including your home loan EMIs and interest free down payment assistance EMIs. Total EMIs as % of salary indicate your debt level (65% or below is considered normal).

Time to Possession :
1 year
Home Loan Amount :
HomeCapital Tenure :
12 months
Home Loan Tenure :
25 years
MonthHome Loan OutstandingHome Loan Pre-EMIHomeCapital Program EMIHomeCapital Program OutstandingEMI as % of Salary
01 45,31,307 35,311 23,063 2,53,68859 %
02 45,26,583 35,311 23,063 2,30,62559 %
03 45,21,826 35,311 23,063 2,07,56359 %
04 45,17,038 35,311 23,063 1,84,50059 %
05 45,12,217 35,311 23,063 1,61,43859 %
06 45,07,363 35,311 23,063 1,38,37559 %
07 45,02,477 35,311 23,063 1,15,31359 %
08 44,97,557 35,311 23,063 92,25059 %
09 44,92,605 35,311 23,063 69,18859 %
10 44,87,619 35,311 23,063 46,12559 %
11 44,82,599 35,311 23,063 23,06359 %
12 44,77,546 35,311 23,063 059 %

Note: Home loan outstanding is based on construction linked disbursements estimates for a standard 3 year construction period.

Repayment Chart

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