Diversity and Inclusion

Discover how we’re creating a culture of
equality in our workplace.

We are purpose-driven
and committed

We are passionate individuals striving each day to achieve our goal. Our compensation levels are merit-based, determined by qualification, experience levels, special skills, if any, and individual performance. The company believes that inclusion is a must to create a product that serves everyone.

Investing in talent

HomeCapital has always been and will always be committed to diversity and inclusion. The company is keen to promote a diverse workforce across the organization. We are a growing team of a varied age group, aged between 24-50 years, where employees below 30 represent a third of our total workforce.



Empathy is one of the core values that make our employees think and solve the biggest hurdles for first time home buyers through technology and financial inclusion.


To us, collaboration means working with our partners in solving the biggest challenges in the housing sector while creating value for everyone.


Everyone at HomeCapital is bound by a commitment to accelerate homeownership for millions of first-time home buyers.


We work with integrity in everything we do and embody our principles when working with developers, financial institutions and our end customers.


In a dynamic environment, we do our best to continually improve ourselves, our teams, and our services and products.


We are honest individuals focused on creating a high-performance culture and building future-ready capabilities in the team.