The HomeCapital Story

Real Estate or Home Buying is one of the most important milestone for every individual's life. At HomeCapital, we believe Home is the real capital of people and grows across generations. Buying your first home early has a compounding wealth effect on individuals, happier lives and increased social security for home buyers.

It's a really powerful and innovative idea bringing a positive change to the lives of millions of home buyers. We help you cross the biggest hurdle of down payment savings to fulfill your dream of Home ownership.

HomeCapital was started with a very simple idea: Give everyone the opportunity to buy home at an early stage in life. We've pioneered India's first Down Payment Assistance Program . The program provides interest free down payment assistance to millions of buyers to fulfill their home ownership dream. We reduce the waiting time for home buyers to accumulate savings for the down payment.

Welcome to the future of home buying. We bring you Down Payment Assistance, Transparency and Accelerated Home Ownership.

How It Works

We are an India based company that is pioneering the Down Payment Assistance Program. We are the architects of India's first home down payment assistance program.

We are not a lending institution. HomeCapital program objective is to enable home ownership by supporting home buyers with down payment assistance. Down payment assistance is in the form of interest free loans through our partner financial institutions. HomeCapital regularly adds new real estate projects in the program offerings. We are continuously trying to expand our program to increase the city coverage and project offerings to fulfill the home ownership dreams of millions of home buyers.

We help home buyers build direct relationships with the real estate developers. HomeCapital does not engage in any price negotiations between home buyers and developers or recommend any specific project. There is no difference in home prices if you decide to go for HomeCapital down payment assistance program. Homebuyers make an independent home purchase decision.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions have partnered with HomeCapital to offer unsecured interest free credit to homebuyers in the program.



HomeCapital has pioneered the down payment assistance program through its technology platform and brings together financial institutions, developers and home buyers together

Home Buyers

HomeBuyers apply and receive interest free down payment assistance on the projects listed in the program. The assistance eligibility is subject to individual assessment and home loan sanction

Real Estate Projects

HomeCapital regularly includes residential projects in the program to expand the available offerings to the millions of prospective home buyers who face the down payment hurdle but are eligible for home loan.

The HomeCapital Story

Our Program converts your home dream in to a reality. We review residential properties across respective cities to inlude them in the Program. Every property goes through systematic due diligence and independent research with publicly available information to minimise the risks inherent in the real estate sector.Our key focus while analyzing a property includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Markets
  • Micro market review
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Comparative price analysis
  • Property
  • Legal Titles
  • Approvals
  • Cost Analysis
  • Property level-due diligence
  • Construction partners