Financial benefits of buying jodi flat 

Financial benefits of buying jodi flat 

Financial Planning | Sep 5, 2022 | 10 min read

The jodi flat, or trend of purchasing adjacent properties by homebuyers, has recently witnessed a revival in popularity. Jodi flats have proven to be incredibly advantageous for homebuyers since it allows them to save money while also ensuring that they can stay close to their families. Also, this trend is particularly common in pre-construction dwellings, where the buyer has greater leeway in making personalisations to the property.  

But is it really profitable to own two adjacent apartments? Let’s have a look. 

Why do individuals favour jodi flats? 

There are two main reasons why a buyer would want to acquire two smaller flats and integrate them into one larger 3 or 4 BHK: 

  • Two small flats in a prime location may prove to be a good financial investment. For instance, if you purchase jodi flats and then turn around and sell them, you’ll earn a lot more money than you put in. 
  • In spite of your best efforts, you may be unable to upgrade to a larger house, either due to financial considerations or because of your strong preference for your existing location. Buying the flat next door is a simple, beautiful, and no-brainer option in such a situation. 
  • Many people argue that it is more useful to purchase two smaller flats rather than one large apartment with four or five rooms since you acquire extra space that you normally wouldn’t get if you bought just one flat. Therefore, purchasing two 2-BHKs is more advantageous than purchasing one 4-BHK. 

Financial Benefits of Jodi Flats 

  • The process is simple 

The prospective buyer of the property will be required to submit a request for an amendment that grants permission to the municipal government of the area to combine the flats. In spite of the fact that you will be required to pay two distinct stamp duty rates, the total amount will be lesser to what you would spend for a single larger unit. 

  • Profit from reduced taxes 

A major advantage of jodi flats is the tax benefit. However, the extra room and flexibility in design are nice bonuses as well. Investing in numerous flats that are connected together and utilised as one separate residential unit qualifies a taxpayer for investment-linked tax advantages, as stated by the Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal. 

  • Flexibility 

The added financial freedom that comes from renting out the apartment next door while maintaining close supervision of one’s own residence is just one more perk of owning a flat in the same building. 

Other advantages 

  • Upgraded kitchen space 

Since there are now two kitchens in the building (one for each apartment), the additional one may be demolished to provide more space in the living area. The kitchen may be opened up to the living room, creating a space with more storage, a dining table for six, and a massive cooking area. The scope of possible layouts is vast. 

  • More rooms dedicated to the master suite 

If you have purchased a unit with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a kitchen, you have the option of expanding the number of bedrooms by merging two of the rooms into a single larger one. For example, the original 4 bedrooms may be converted into two master bedrooms. 

  • Layout reminiscent of a home 

In the event that the jodi apartments are united vertically rather than side by side, you will have the option of installing a conventional staircase. When space is limited, having access to stairs in one’s home is a luxury that not everyone can afford to enjoy in a densely populated area. It creates the impression that the apartment living is a standalone residence. 

  • Consolation and relaxation 

When you make a choice to extend your present flat by connecting it with the flat next door, it eliminates the need of uprooting the whole family. You are able to stay in the neighbourhood that you like and are familiar with. 

Keep these things in mind before buying a jodi flat 

Consider the following details carefully before you rush out to purchase two inexpensive and rather modest flats in order to create a jodi flat: 

  • Is tearing down the walls in order to connect the two units a realistic and workable option? 
  • Since buildings sometimes need double-stacked bathrooms for plumbing maintenance and leak prevention, ensure that your envisioned jodi flat layout follows the necessary guidelines. If the two apartments were renovated on separate dates, there is a greater chance that their fittings and inner workings might be incompatible. 
  • To combine two flats that are next to one another, permission is required, and some states and cities do not permit the practice. Consequently, it is necessary to get mandatory approval from both the local city council and the welfare association of the colony. 


Tired of starting the weekend with high hopes of finding the ideal apartment? Frustrated that no other society can provide the same comforts as your own? Trying to find the perfect house may not always be productive for a variety of different reasons. If this is the situation, then creating a single house out of jodi flats is the superior and more astute choice. 

So, are you thinking of buying a jodi flat? HomeCapital is the ultimate platform to get you started on the path to buying a jodi flat. Buyers may get interest-free down payment assistance from the HomeCapital programme to get added support with their down payment, possession, stamp duty, and any other property payments owed to developers. 

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