How can SAAS help developers reduce unsold inventory?

How can SAAS help developers reduce unsold inventory?

Real-Estate Industry | Jun 8, 2022 | 10 min read

Software as a service or SAAS is a key factor in helping developers reduce unsold inventory. Property dealers have faced a sudden crunch in demand. To overcome this, rapid adoption of technology is crucial to selling units. In fact, artificial intelligence has helped increase sales by up to 30%. These numbers will only go on increasing, making the adoption of technology a high priority among real estate developers.

Real estate and SAAS

Using SAAS for customer relationship management is the way to go forward for real estate companies. Previously, the tech integration of the sector needed a lot of improvement. They mostly depended on mainstream software developers who didn’t understand their specific requirements. Today, real estate developers have the choice of an integrated CRM built using SAAS and developed by tech-driven real estate consultancies. These solutions are often crafted keeping the need of the builder in mind and, as such, are highly effective. Though using SAAS can be complex for some, it integrates several solutions into a single platform. This allows real estate developers to actively leverage the power of tech solutions to sell their inventory. 

Why do current online solutions for real estate fail?

A lot of real estates developers have already adopted technology at some level. The problem is that the solutions currently in the market are quite expensive, which pushes away most real estate developers. To make things worse, these solutions are often generic, run-of-the-mill software made by sector agnostic software businesses.

Some software used at present lack the ability to scale. Their inability to adapt makes them unsuitable for a growing business that will likely change. In the end, what a developer usually has is an overkill that underperforms and needs a lot of management.

SAAS solutions, on the other hand, are more demanding of software developers instead of real estate developers. They allow the builders the freedom to use high-end and customizable tech freely at an annual charge.

How does SAAS help sell unsold inventory?

The SAAS model combines the efficiency of advanced software solutions and the personal touch of human involvement. It eliminates the need to spend a large amount of capital and provides a result-oriented approach to meet business goals. Below are just a few of how it helps real estate developers sell unsold inventory.

  • Superior lead generation capabilities. Both from online inquiries and site visits, the leads are automatically sent to a sales manager leading to more conversions.
  • Eliminates the need for call centers for customer service. A SAAS system will instead analyze the profile of the buyer and the inquiry to determine the preferred method and time for reaching out to the customer. It will then pass on this data to an appropriate call operator. The fully trained sales representative then carries out all further interactions with the customer, from inquiries to purchases.
  • SAAS solutions allow real estate developers to instantly share the relevant information regarding units on demand. This results in faster communication with the customer and faster closure of deals.
  • The SAAS system allows complete control over the interactions. A senior salesperson has complete knowledge of the stage of interaction. They can instantly involve themselves in the discussion if it is needed.
  • Similarly, the developer also has constant access to the channel partners in the project. They can keep a check on the performance and the work done by each operator.
  • The need for data entry is eliminated. With the help of artificial intelligence, all data is recorded and entered into the database automatically. This information can be easily retrieved with a single click.
  • A SAAS system maintains a complete record of expenses and results. It also suggests effective marketing interventions by keeping a detailed track record of the ongoing activities in the market.

How does SAAS assist homebuyers?

Though SAAS is highly complex at the technical level, its work is to deliver a smooth experience to the customers. It does this by providing customers with information that is relevant in an easy-to-understand manner. Unnecessary information is eliminated, and interactions are kept to the point. To keep customer engagement alive, push notifications and alerts are regularly sent to the site visitors. Finally, SAAS provides the customers with direct contact with the upper management. For customers, this ensures that they feel as if their inquiries are being paid serious attention.


Some years developers end up with unexpected inventories being unsold. Developers urgently need to speed up sales by adopting tech solutions that can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively. By adopting the SAAS system, they can immediately find the problem with most of their solutions. It boosts sales efficiently and simultaneously monitors all activities of the sale in real-time. When it is done correctly, SAAS can become a major enabler for developers. Such projects during sustenance periods are sold with several offers from developers. If you are someone who wants to immediately become a homeowner but are short of the total capital for the down payment, just get in contact with HomeCapital. We provide personal loans for downpayment to potential homebuyers which are interest-free so that you can get your dream home immediately.

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