What to look for on a home tour? 

What to look for on a home tour? 

Home Buyer's Guide | Nov 22, 2022 | 10 min read

Everyone has in mind some of the things they need in their home and the things they don’t. However, no one has a complete picture of what they must prioritize or look for during a home tour. Doing it in person is more difficult as you may forget or lose focus while exploring a house. 

A home tour is an exciting part of the journey to buy your house. It can sometimes become a nerve-wracking experience, no matter how exciting it sounds.  

Therefore, when you are on a scheduled home tour, you need to consider some crucial factors. Keep reading to know more about it. 

Important things to consider in a home tour 

Wall and floor condition 

Besides looking for an aesthetic or attractive finish, notice defects like warped floors, watermarks, or small cracks in the wall. These are important signs that indicate the overall house quality. However, vertical hairline or foundational cracks in the wall of around 1/8 of an inch are not a cause for concern. Thus, you do not need to worry about it.  

Look around the doors or window frames. If there is a wide horizontal or diagonal crack, it is a thing to be concerned about. They can be present anywhere on the wall and might be due to foundational issues or water damage.  

A soft or bouncy floor is a big red flag. These are indicative of termites, rotting wood, and low-quality construction.  

Odour of the house during the home tour

Although visuals of the house might seem important, you must also focus on other factors. For example, the odour of the house is important to determine if it is fit for living.  

Your nose will help you uncover many issues you may not notice. For example, mildew and molds are issues that can be understood with the smell. The smell of mold is similar to wet socks, and mildew has a light musty odour. These are serious issues that might give rise to health problems.  

Many homeowners use fragrances beforehand so that they can mask these odours. However, if you can smell excessive diffusers, candles, or sprays, it might not be about setting the mood but hiding some odour issues with the home. 

Storage space 

In every household, storage is a big priority. You may notice there are numerous closets, cabinets, or similar storage spaces, but that might not be enough. Your family might need more space for extra wardrobes, dressers or something else. Thus, you must see the empty spaces available in the house to customize it according to your needs.  

Keep the drawing space, dining room, and kitchen in mind when looking for storage space. You may need to fit big appliances or tables according to your family’s needs. These will also consume a lot of storage area

Integrated fixtures and systems issues during the home tour

Integrated fixtures and systems are a bigger concern than you think. They are not small changes that can be easily done like changing the exterior appearance of some parts of the house. 

For example, don’t focus on loose cabinet hinges or wonky ceiling fans. Instead, look at how the electrical wiring, heating, and cooling elements are working and if they are in good condition. Eroded or exposed wires, inadequate ventilation systems, and a problem with power can cost you a lot of money and is also hazardous to your family’s safety. 

The air conditioning unit making a grinding or squealing sound needs to be serviced or replaced. Besides this, vibrating wall outlets or flickering lights is a sign of an issue with the electrical wiring. Replacing or fixing them might be a costly business.  


You may or may not own a car now, but you don’t know what will happen in the future. All homes do not come with a parking spot. If you are someone who uses a car often, you must look into the parking situation and what options are available near the house like street parking or so.  

Parking will definitely become competitive if the house is in a densely populated area. However, places with ample parking may have regulations about street parking. Therefore, you must know all details about parking because this can become a daily issue when you start living there. 

More about a home tour 

During a home tour, a person has to keep several factors in mind including secondary ones. Starting from architectural style to number, location, and size of the bedrooms and bathrooms, it is recommended to look into everything.  

You need to look into the condition of plumbing, water availability and noise levels outside the house. Conditions of stairways, roofs, and gutters must also be proper. Remember, no matter how perfect the house may look, it should always have remodelling opportunities. 


It is rather difficult to find a home that matches your desired aesthetic and functionality. The home tour plays a pivotal role in this process. It helps to determine the best house for your family and customize it according to your needs. Therefore, you must carefully look at all the crucial aspects besides its appearance.  

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